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Meet the Characters:

On the outside, Elizabeth Wakefield was exactly like her twin. She had the same blond hair, the same slim figure, and the same ocean-blue eyes. But on the inside, she and Jessica couldn’t be more different. Elizabeth was sensitive and thoughtful, and was always there to help a friend in need or to provide a listening ear. She was also a talented writer who was highly committed to honing her literary skills. And 10 years later?
Jessica Wakefield was the most popular girl at Sweet Valley High. Head cheerleader and president of exclusive sorority Pi Beta Alpha, Jess stopped at nothing to get what she wanted, no matter who was hurt along the way. She’s suffered many tragedies, including losing her boyfriend Sam in a drunk driving accident, but always managed to bounce back. Lila Fowler was her best friend and biggest rival. Is she still causing trouble, 10 yrs later?
Todd Wilkins was the star of the Sweet Valley High basketball team and Elizabeth Wakefield’s trusty boyfriend. Faithful and genuine, Todd was never too far from Liz’s side when she needed him most. Although he was a popular athlete at SVH, Todd was also humble and down-to-earth. Despite originally being pursued by Jessica, Todd enjoyed a long and loving relationship with Liz for much of the series’ run, even after moving to Vermont in the middle of the school year. Ten years later – did Todd trade twins again?
Bruce Patman was the richest boy in Sweet Valley and with his ice-blue eyes, dark hair, and killer smile, he was also one of the best looking. That sexy black Porsche he drove didn’t hurt, either! His constant parade of beautiful, popular (and sometimes older) GFs solidified his reputation as SVH’s resident heartbreaker. Remember those rumors about him and Jess? Did he really date Regina Morrow just to improve his image and win an election? What’s with him and Lila Fowler? 10 years later, what’s with him and LIZ??
Winston Egbert was Sweet Valley High’s resident class clown. Never one to shy away from pulling a prank or cracking a joke, Winston gained the respect of his peers with his sunny disposition and ability to laugh at himself. Winston’s warmth and humor earned him friends wherever he went. Despite his unrequited and unreturned love for Jessica, Winston was sure that he could always count on the support of Elizabeth and the rest of his loyal friends, just as they counted on him. Is Winston still pining over Jessica – 10 years later?
Lila Fowler was Jessica Wakefield’s rival and best friend and, like Jessica, she was strong-minded and competitive. Lila was extremely wealthy and would only settle for the very best of anything the world had to offer. She wasn’t afraid to use her wealth to get exactly what she wanted, or to out-do Jessica. But underneath her hard exterior, Lila was a loyal friend who would do anything for those who she cared about. Will Lila be a main character in Sweet Valley Confidential?
Quiet and smart, Enid Rollins wasn’t the flashiest student at Sweet Valley High, but she was certainly the nicest. However, behind those lovely green eyes lurked a secret shame: she used to be a hard-partying druggie with a taste for too much booze and a reckless, older boyfriend. Despite personal challenges and family troubles, Enid navigated the halls of SVH with aplomb. UNTIL she tired of being known as Elizabeth Wakefield’s best friend and decided to forge an identity of her own. Are Enid and Liz still best friends?

Books 1-10:


Will Jessica steal Todd from Elizabeth?

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins at Sweet Valley High. They`re both popular, smart, and gorgeous, but that’s where the similarity ends. Elizabeth is friendly, outgoing, and sincere — nothing like her snobbish and conniving twin. Jessica gets what she wants — at school, with friends, and especially with boys.

This time, Jessica has set her sights on Todd Wilkins, the handsome star of the basketball team — the one boy that Elizabeth really likes. Elizabeth doesn’t want to lose him, but what Jessica wants, Jessica usually gets… even if it ends up hurting her sister.

Meet the Wakefield twins, their guys, and the rest of the gang at Sweet Valley High….


Beautiful and ruthless, Jessica Wakefield is determined to be chosen queen of the fall dance at Sweet Valley High. If she can win the contest, she’s sure to win Bruce Patman, the most sought after boy in school.

The only person standing in Jessica’s way is Enid Rollins. When Jessica discovers the truth about Enid’s past, she knows the crown is within her grasp. She doesn’t care that Enid is her twin sister Elizabeth’s best friend–or that revealing the secret may cost Enid both her reputation and the boy she loves.

Only Elizabeth can save Enid from Jessica’s vicious gossip–but can she stop her scheming twin in time?


Jessica Wakefield demands attention in any crowd, from every boy. After obsessing over him for weeks, she finally lands the perfect guy: Bruce Patman. And she falls hard and fast. There’s nothing she won’t do for him. . . .But Elizabeth soon notices a change in her twin. Jessica’s usual charm,determination, and attitude are gone. She’s a ghost of her old self. And Liz wonders just how far her sister will go for love.


Elizabeth and Jessica in a tug-of-war…

Chubby Robin Wilson has been following Jessica around for months. First she wanted to be her friend–now she wants to join Pi Beta Alpha, Sweet Valley High’s snobby sorority.

When Elizabeth, Jessica’s twin, nominates Robin for the sorority, Jessica is furious. Robin may be friendly and smart, but she’s certainly not beautiful or popular enough to be a Pi Beta. Jessica’s determined to find a way to keep Robin out.

But Elizabeth is just as determined to make Robin a sorority sister. Soon the twins are locked in a struggle that develops into the biggest power play at Sweet Valley High….


Jessica Wakefield has charmed many guys in her lifetime. But she’s never met a challenge like Scott Daniels. And she’s determined to prove that she may be a junior in high school, but not when it comes to love. But when Elizabeth discovers that Jessica never came home from an all-night party, she panics. There’s only one way out—for Liz to pretend to be her twin. But she has no idea what she is getting herself into.


Elizabeth Wakefield has never had a problem with rules. But when Todd gets a new motorcycle, Liz is torn. Her parents have forbidden her from ever getting on a bike. But everyone else is ecstatic over Todd’s new ride—especially the girls. As her jealousy threatens to consume her, Liz has a big decision to make—either put her trust in Todd’s love, or break the rules and take the ride of her life.


Sweet Valley is stunned by the news: Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma, on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident.

Elizabeth’s boyfriend Todd is consumed by guilt; he was driving and escaped unharmed. He feels totally helpless. All he can do is wait for a change in Elizabeth’s condition–a change that might mean the loss of the only girl he’s ever loved.

But no one is more shattered than Elizabeth’s twin, Jessica. As she keeps watch over the silent body of her sister, she’s overwhelmed by despair. Without Elizabeth, can life go on?


Catch a wave.

The surf’s up in Sweet Valley, and gorgeous Jessica Wakefield is making a big splash with Bill Chase, the hottest surfer in town. But after she tricks him into falling madly in love with her, she ignores him completely.

To complicate matters, shy, quiet DeeDee Gordon is also after Bill. But Jessica has the upper hand. If Bill even looks at DeeDee, Hurricane Jessica blows him off his board and back into her arms. Can Bill escape Jessica’s undertow, or is he in over his head?


Love on the run…

Roger Barrett has always had a hopeless crush on glamorous, wealthy Lila Fowler. The only attention Lila ever pays to him, though, is to make fun of him in front of her friends. But why shouldn’t she, he thinks. After all, he’s clumsy and shy and works secretly as a janitor after school.

When Roger wins the qualifying heat for a big race, he becomes a school celebrity overnight. And to his surprise, even Lila starts to chase after him. But Roger knows if he runs in the race finals, he’ll lose his job. Will Lila still notice him when he’s no longer a star?


Jessica’s at it again!

Jessica Wakefield has sworn never to allow Annie Whitman onto the Sweet Valley High cheering squad. Annie may have the beauty, talent, and spirit to be a cheerleader, but she also has the worst reputation in school. She goes out with a different boy every night, and all the kids call her “Easy Annie” behind her back. Jessica’s pulling every devilish trick to keep Annie from ruining the cheerleaders’ image.

Only Elizabeth, Jessica’s twin, knows what Annie’s really like. But can she change her sister’s mind before Jessica shatters Annie’s dreams?

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